At the end of her exchange, Leonie’s host parents accompany her to the airport. Although she is sad to leave, Leonie decides to focus on all the positive and inspiring memories she made.

Thank you for joining Leonie on this adventure. We hope you learned something new and interesting about India and are inclined to visit the country yourself if you ever get to opportunity to do so. Farewell and Namasté!

Last words

I have collected so many impressions, memories and information in the short time that I have almost become accustomed to the colorful and noisy India. Above all, I am sorry for the extreme and the poverty in memory, which I do not know in Germany so well.After all, I will try to appreciate my privileges more, especially when it comes to such essential things as clean air and clean drinking water. At the same time, however, I also got to know a society that has a much greater connection to its own country through culture, family and religion than I am used to in Germany and found it nice to experience the cultural diversity of India.


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